Young Ecosettler Course.

Курс Молодого Экопоселенца.

For everyone who wants to live on their own land, in harmony with themselves and the world.

   More and more people in Ukraine are planning to live in the ecovillages or communities united with different factors.  Regardless of the choice, everyone will need knowledge and skills for life in the new environment.  For all who are interested in gaining knowledge for a comfortable life on their own land and acquiring practical skills, Applied Ecology Club holds classes, united in a common course for the future settler.

   The course includes classes that are held by experienced people, for the initiative group of the new ecovillage. All lessons are aimed at practical results. After this training there is an opportunity for active course participants to settle in an ecovillage in Ukraine.
   The main topics of the Course for Young Settler are:
   Survival. Includes all the necessary skills that are useful for everyone who is going to live in the wild or permanent residence on their land. Not only will you learn how to survive, but also to live with a certain level of comfort providing basic human svneeds during the first few months of life in nature.
   Construction. Includes some theory and lots of practice (during the entire construction season) to obtain the necessary skills.
   Agriculture. The program includes lessons on agriculture and workshops on organic farming and permaculture.  The result of your training will be the vegetables you'll grow on your own under the guidance of experinced teachers.
   Crafts. In this direction we already provide classes on ceramics, weaving, straw and manufacture of furniture and plan to expand the program with other skills we might need to provide ourselves with the necessary utensils. These classes also promote creativity.
   Teambuilding. Relations between settlers is the most important part of the ecovillage. Therefore we've developed a separate course on creation of a healthy community with a high level of interaction between members.
   Within one year, course participants will be able to take part in all processes from the beginning to the end, or just in their spare time. There are three ways to participate in the training.

   Students – those who attend only the classes that they have interest in
Low level of activity.

    Volunteers – those who help to develop our project.  They study in the process and have not decided yet when they will move to the land. 
Average level of activity, fans of practice.  The main helpers in everyday work.

    Settlers – those who are planning to move to the ecovillage within one year. The most active. High level of interaction.

Below you can find a photo report with comments for some two months of work. 12/07/11 ~ 02/07/12.

   It all starts with a meeting. Club meetings are held every Friday from 19:00 to 21:00.  The meetings are an opportunity to get acquainted with the course participants and potential neighbors.
Then we go on to survive (:

   Survival. It turned out to be very convenient to combine country trips for finding the land with survival and teambuilding programs.  During these trips we have the opportunity to test the strength of the team and see what natural building materials can be found in the area.
   Construction. Experience is always a huge advantage.  And to have experience of work together with concrete people is even more important.  After all, even a high-level specialist without an ability of team work may be useless, or only half-involved.  Planning buildings in team also has a very useful effect.
    Agriculture.The course provides knowledge on the full vegetation cycle from the lot planning for crops(in the winter) to seed preparation to the harvest.
    Crafts. Development of creative abilities is one of the key tasks.  Crafting assemblies are the best time to discuss various questions. No more idle talking, spend time with benefits.

   Teambuilding. Common business is good. But common leisure is great for understanding each other. During the course we will play traditional games that promote teambuilding.  Our ancestors were able to work hard and rest well, so we are reviving the Slavic tradition.
   We've had the most vivid impressions during trips to the villages Rosy and Dolyna Dzherel. In Rosy, were rescuing an Army generator out of the ravine, and in the Dolyna Dzherel, we've been harvesting wood for the common house.

    Conclusions after two months of practical training are:

The practice is criterion of truth.
And, if you want to create something - start right now.

  •    If you want to join or become a resident in an eco-village – you are welcome to join us. Visit our club meeting or fill out the form below.

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